Nurturing Pre/Post Natal Massage

Gentle care for mothers-to-be and new moms.

Pregnancy brings profound changes to your body and mind. Our Pre/Post Natal Massage is designed to support you through these transitions by easing discomfort, reducing stress, and enhancing the well-being of both mother and child. From alleviating back pain and improving sleep to reducing swelling and preparing the muscles for childbirth, our tailored approach offers a sanctuary for rejuvenation and relaxation during this special time.

Prenatal Massage - With Mandy

Prenatal Massage
Massage can reduce stress hormones in your body and relax and loosen your muscles.
Improve blood flow, which is so important when you are pregnant.
Keeps your lymphatic system working at peak performance by flushing out toxins in your body
Connects you to your body and baby
Relieve insomnia, joint pain and back pain, leg cramping and sciatica and carpal tunnel pai

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Nurture Your Journey Through Motherhood

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Prenatal Massage is for Mom and baby.  A great way for Mom and baby to connect. 


Prenatal massage induces relaxation, addresses lower back pain and trigger points along the hips. It improves mobility and circulation and brings calmness to Mom and baby.

Prenatal is different to regular massage due to positioning.  Client will be placed in side line using pillows to support the hips and neck.  Pressure is based on your need.  Whether it be relaxation or more specific.