Meet Silvia

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Welcome to 2Hands 1Heart Massage Therapy Pilates Clinic.

I am Silvia the owner, Massage Therapist and Pilates Teacher. I have treated over 20,000 clients with over 20 years experience. I am a passionate Massage Therapist and a problem solver. I want my clients to understand the "Why" they have chronic pain, "how" to recovery from injuries and "See and Feel" the difference after just one session.  Let me introduce to you to G.A.T.R.H (Goal - Assessment - Treatment - Reassess- Homework)

Perhaps you are coming to see me for the first time.  And you have an injury or chronic pain that just won't go away.  

Goal:  What is the reason for your visit. what is your goal for your time spent with me and what is the outcome you are hoping to achieve?

Assessment is the foundation to returning you back to your functional movement and  giving you the best treatment plan that is specific to your needs.
I will take you through a series of movement via the Pilates Method.  Yes you get to play on some pretty cool equipment, from the reformer to the tower. 
This will give us a better understanding on how your body moves, where the weaknesses are and "why" you are feeling the way your body feels.

After Assessment
I will create a treatment plan catered for you!  Because not all treatments are the same. 
 I may incorporate Cupping or Graston Therapy  in your treatment and we will discuss the benefits of both prior to treatment.

After Your Massage Treatment
Reassess:  Let us see how you'r body is after your massage.  Is the pain gone?  Do you have better mobility? 
Homework! You will be given specific exercises to do to continue taking care of your body. Through strengthening and stretching exercises.
And we will discuss future treatment plans and what is your goal.  

I look forward to meeting you and working with you!
With Your Health In Mind

I am Certified in the following: Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher, Kundalini Yoga, Myofascial Cupping, Craniosacral Therapy, Certified Graston Therapy Specialist , Pre/Postnatal Massage, Reflexology and Hot Stone Massage.

Registered Member Of The NHPC (National Health Care Practitioner Of Canada)
Certified National Pilates Teacher
Certified Graston Specialist

Meet Mandy

Meet Mandy

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 Mandy joins us from Ontario where she has over 2200 hours of massage therapy training.

Mandy strives to bring all her clients into a deep relaxation with a specific therapeutic approach. 
Although Mandy has the relaxation touch, she is able to get deep into your muscles and work out any issues you may have without causing too much pain. Letting those Trigger Points just melt away.
Mandy believes that self care (homework) and regular maintenance can make a big difference in our day to day lives. 
Mandy looks forward to continuing her education and exploring other modalities. 
Mandy is certified in Myofascial cupping and also enjoys working with our young generation.
Mandy is also certified in Yoga, so don't be surprised if she gives you some gentle yoga moves to do for homework.
Mandy offers
Therapeutic Massage
Relaxation Massage
Pre-Postnatal Massage
Myofascial Cupping
Youth Massage. 
Registered Member of the MTAA