Trigger Finger and Treatment with Graston Therapy

Graston massage massage therapy trigger finger

Trigger finger is due to repetitive motions over a long period of time.  Thus causing the tendon sheaths in the fingers to swell and become painful.  

People with trigger finger  find flexing the finger painful. (opening the hand) 

The most common symptoms of this condition are stiffness and pain when flexing or bending fingers.  soreness in the base of the pam, bent or locked fingers, a tender lump or swelling in the palm or at the base of the finger and inflamed joints.

Primary goal is pain reduction and improving range of motion.

Exercises for Trigger Finger Relief

Finger extension stretching, spreading the fingers apart on a flat surface.  Gently lift the affected finger with the other hand, stretching the finger s far back as possible and holding for a count of five. 

Palm Press, using a small rubber ball, squeeze and hold for a count of ten.  Open hand wide and release the ball. repeat a few more time.

Today I will show you a treatment using the Graston Technique to improve range of motion in the joint and breaking down the scar tissue causing the lack of range of motion. 


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